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A better way to hire clinicians

Our unique technology solves medical recruiting. Only see suitable candidates.

Scalppl’s medical hiring 2.0 is built to be better

  • The broadest reach

    Our unique algorithms collect the largest pool of U.S. medical jobs, backed by simple trustworthy technologies for applicants and recruiters. The result – more applicants and improved hiring velocity.

  • Automated pre-qualification

    We only share candidates who have expressed interest in your specific job, and who have the qualities you want. We confirm experience by validating trusted public records.

  • A new direction

    Our mission is to make medical recruiting better. Free for all.

Bring the power of our proprietary technology to your medical recruiting.

Clinician Recruitment Tool 2024

Our U.S. based founders have taken decades of medical recruiting experience and democratized access for everyone, to improve medical hiring for us all.

  • Built for speed and simplicity, on all sides

    More jobs for more candidates, with an easier application process means less friction. Technology powered qualification means more suitability. The result – more and better candidates.

  • Passionate about privacy

    We never sell candidate information to employers, or vice versa. Our medical recruiting marketplace is built off trust and value on all sides.

  • Human where it matters, technology where it helps

    Our groundbreaking aggregation and qualification technologies are backed by real humans. Contact us at anytime.

Automated pre-qualification. We only share candidates who have expressed interest in your specific job, and who have the qualities you want. We confirm experience by validating trusted public records.

Clinician Recruitment App 2024

Applications include verified active mobile telephone numbers.


Confirmed active medical credentials matching your requirements.

No Surprises

Applicants are always free and can be accessed by your recruiters at any time.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Scalppl cost?

Scalppl will automatically send you, as frequently as you define, free pre-qualified candidates for each job posting. For each candidate that is hired, you pay a placement fee between $500 and $1,000. Full details here.

Where do I go for help?

For any help or feedback, you can visit our help center or contact us directly at and one of our team will respond.

How do I monitor applications?

Our recruiting dashboard lets you see at a glance the number of views and applications for any posting. You can also see how many credits you have left and choose to reveal a specific applicant.

How do I create jobs? What applicant tracking systems do you work with?

Jobs can be created through your employer dashboard, emailing us a spreadsheet, or any applicant tracking system which can publish a data feed.

To submit a feed and list your jobs, please contact us at with the URL of the feed.

How do you pre-qualify candidates?

Scalppl uses advanced technologies to validate candidate qualifications with publicly available medical data sources. Only candidates who are pre-qualified will be sent for recruiter evaluation.

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